Energy Powder Sachets by STYRKR – Pack of 12 Energy Powder Mix for Cycling & Running

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  • WORLD’S BEST, ATHLETE-APPROVED, ALL-IN-ONE SPORTS FUEL: MIX60 drink powder contains a scientifically-researched and athlete-approved mix of carbohydrates (60g), electrolytes and L-Glutamine designed to help all athletes – from supported pros to enthusiastic amateurs – go harder for longer. Well-renowned ironmen, cyclists, and runners use Styrkr products during training and events because they deliver when it matters most.
  • MAXIMUM ENERGY BOOST: During intense exercise, carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of energy and more can be absorbed per hour when they come from multiple transportable sources: in this case maltodextrin and fructose (converted to glucose in the liver). Styrkr’s MIX60 carbohydrate drink powder incorporates this dual-carb system – and contains 60g of carbohydrates – to help you reach your finish line in the fastest time possible.
  • AVOID UNWANTED MUSCLE IRRITATION: For activity over 60 minutes – or in hot conditions – it’s important that electrolytes are used to hydrate. Dehydration increases the usage of muscle glycogen and decreases blood volume and digestive function, none of which are beneficial for endurance activity. Styrkr’s MIX60 carbohydrate supplement helps replace the electrolytes lost in sweat. Water alone can cause bloating, reducing the desire to drink and fluids not being replaced properly.
  • LESSEN FATIGUE AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: During endurance exercise blood ammonia concentration increases causing fatigue. Styrkr’s MIX60 carbohydrate energy drink contains L-glutamine which reduces this accumulation, lessening fatigue and improving performance.
  • SMART ON THE BODY, GENTLE ON THE STOMACH: Mix carbohydrate drink powder with exactly 500ml of water. Blending at this ratio allows optimal carbohydrate absorption before, during, and/or after endurance and is much gentler on the stomach.


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