Energy Bars by STYRKR – Pack of 12 Rice Bars for Cycling & Running – Date, Almond & Dark Chocolate

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  • WORLD’S BEST, ATHLETE-APPROVED, ALL-IN-ONE ENERGY BAR: The BAR50 Date, Almond & Dark Chocolate Energy Bar is an adventure-ready, quick-release energy bar that contains 50g+ of dual-source carbohydrates and 250+ calories per bar. It gives you the edge by delivering maximum energy and fighting flavour fatigue on longer expeditions.
  • MAXIMUM ENERGY BOOST, EVERY TIME: During intense exercise, carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of energy and more can be absorbed per hour when they come from multiple transportable sources: in this case maltodextrin and fructose (converted to glucose in the liver). Styrkr’s BAR50 Date, Almond & Dark Chocolate Energy Bar incorporates this dual-carb system – and contains 50g+ of carbohydrates – to help you reach your finish line in the fastest time possible.
  • IDEAL FOR CYCLING, RUNNING AND HIKING: BAR50 Date, Almond & Dark Chocolate Energy Bar is a nutritionally complete, high-energy snack developed by athletes that contains a perfectly balanced amount of carbs, proteins, fat and fibre. Revitalising and flavourful, the BAR50 Date, Almond and Dark Chocolate will help boost energy, combat tiredness and fight flavour fatigue on longer adventures.
  • SOFT AND CHEWY, YET FAST AND LIGHT: BAR50 Date, Almond & Dark Chocolate Energy Bar provides a soft, chewy texture that’s pleasing to eat, but dense enough to pack a powerful punch. It was created using puffed rice and all-natural ingredients, so it’s also fast to digest and easy on the gut.
  • VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE: We are proud that all of our products – across the entire Styrkr range – are Vegan Society-approved and made with natural ingredients. You’ll not find any colourants or unnecessary preservatives in our products either. With Styrkr, it’s natural ingredients all the way.


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