Electrolytes Tablets by STYRKR – Pack of 12 Hydration Tablets

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  • ✔EFFICIENT HYDRATION WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST: SLT07 electrolyte tablets are the highest single and adjustable serving hydration tablet on the market: super-convenient, highly effective, specifically designed for endurance that delivers every time, under all intensities and environmental conditions.
  • ✔PERFECTLY MIMICS HUMAN SWEAT: SLTO7 hydration tablets perfectly mimic the electrolyte profile and ratio of human sweat so you can prevent muscle cramping and rehydrate to perfection when the going gets tough. Product contains sodium 1000mg of, potassium 100mg of, magnesium 25mg of, and calcium 15mg of.
  • ✔YOUR BODY, YOUR DOSE: During vigorous activity and in hot conditions, some of us sweat more and saltier than others. Our SLT07 electrolyte tablets are dual-dosage: use a whole tablet if you sweat heavily or are exercising in hot conditions; if you don’t sweat much and conditions are mild, use half.
  • ✔ELECTROLYTES DONE RIGHT: Not only are our SLT07 hydration tablets developed by professional sports nutritionists and tested by athletes to make sure they do what we say they do, but all SLT07 ingredients are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and responsibly sourced.
  • ✔IMPROVED BIOAVAILABILITY: Bioavailability is the rate that which something is absorbed into the bloodstream to elicit its effect on the target area of the body. SLT07 electrolyte tablets have a scientifically designed, quick-release formulation for high availability and rapid absorption rates.


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