• Pheonix -Double Handle 8kg


      Durable compound material

      Reduced bounce element

      Ergonomic dual handle grip

      Textured surface for anti-slip grip

    • Phoenix Fitness Aerobic Fitness Stepper

      • NON-SLIP – The Phoenix Fitness Aerobic Step is designed with a non-slip reinforced platform. Rugged construction but easy and light to carry.
      • LOW IMPACT – Ideal for low impact fat burning workouts in the gym or at the comfort of your home. 2 Heights available are 10cm and 15cm.
      • CORE WORKOUT – Aerobic steppers can help improve leg strength as the step up and down action puts stress on the bones and muscles that helps them grow stronger and more flexible. Your core also engages as you step up and down, making it more stable.
      • MULTI PURPOSE – Aerobic stepper is a great way to perform cardio exercises and can also help improve blood circulation, allowing muscles to receive more oxygen. If you are just starting out, you can use the stepper as a low impact exercise tool. More advanced users can add weights and resistance to their routine to increase the intensity.
      • LIGHTWEIGHT – Compact and light. You can also adjust the height for a more intense session with the aerobic step box to aid in your cardiovascular workout. Step up your workout! Great for fat burning, toning, core stability, improving cardiovascular health and muscular endurance, boosting stamina, co-ordination and balance. Also ideal for rehabilitation exercises.
    • Phoenix Fitness Exercise Dice

      • KEEP EXERCISE FUN – The Phoenix Fitness Exercise Dice promises to spice up your workout routines with a throw of a dice. Different exercises and sets.
      • PERFECT FOR GROUPS – The Fitness Dice is ideal for groups during Gym Classes or friends and even individual use.
      • LARGE DICE – Each dice is 6.5cm wide. The large size makes the Phoenix Fitness Exercise Dice suitable for indoor and outdoor training.
      • DURABLE – Made from vinyl, its easy to clean and maintain. The material is extremely robust and durable.
      • VARIATION – Switch between upper body workout, lower body workouts, cardio and core training with the Exercise Dice.
    • Phoenix Fitness Heavy Weight Kettle Bell

      • ERGONOMIC GRIP – The Phoenix Fitness Kettlebells are ergonomically designed to support your hand grip and offer extra comfort during your exercise workout routine.
      • CHALLENGE YOUR BODY – You can challenge both your muscular and cardio system with these kettle bells, increasing your strength, endurance, agility and balance.
      • COLOURED AND LABELLED – Brightly coloured to differentiate between the different weights, with a clear bold label on the kettlebell too. Ideal for commercial gyms and your home.
      • VINYL COATED – Our kettle bell is designed to last with a strong vinyl coat which is easy clean. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors for your workout needs.
      • WORKOUT GUIDE – The Phoenix Fitness Kettle Bell branded boxes also have workout suggestions on the back showcasing which exercise works different muscle groups.
    • Phoenix Fitness No Bounce Medicine Slam Ball

      • TEXTURED GRIP – The Phoenix Fitness Medicine Ball has a textured rubber surface for improved grip and handling. Designed for extra comfort leading to a more focused workout experience.
      • NO BOUNCE – The specially designed gym ball has No Bounce. This is designed for slamming the ball on solid surfaces which is ideal for fat loss, crossfit, core training and incorporating resistance training.
      • CORE MUSCLES – Ideal for strengthening your core muscle and ab workouts. The sand filled ball stops the ball from bouncing and rolling around whilst in use in your home or at the gym.
      • FEEL THE BURN – Become ripped with Phoenix Fitness Small Slam Ball during your fitness exercise routines and training. You will feel muscles working which you never knew you had before!
      • CHALLENGE YOURSELF – Try different exercises each day from the squat push-up, figure of 8, circle squat, half kneeling lift, triceps extension, lunge with twist, medicine ball plank and seated trunk rotations.
    • Phoenix Fitness Pair of Dumbbells

      • ERGONOMIC GRIP – The Phoenix Fitness Dumbbells are ergonomically designed to support your hand grip and offer extra comfort during your exercise workout routine.
      • IDEAL WARM UP – Our dumbbells are brilliant for warm-ups and general exercise to get your muscles moving and heart pumping. Feel the Burn with the selection of weights.
      • SOFT GRIP COATING – The neoprene foam coating is easy to clean and extremely hard wearing so no need to worry about the coating cracking or fading away.
      • UPPER BODY – Excellent for upper body workouts to help develop the deltoids, pectorals, triceps and biceps. The dumbbells are also great to increase endurance.
      • COLOURED AND LABELLED – Brightly coloured to differentiate between the different weights, with a clear bold label on the dumbbell too. Ideal for commercial gyms and your home.

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