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600 Bamboo Cotton Buds | 100% Eco-Friendly Biodegradable | 6×100 Ear Buds Cotton

  • Pure Organic Cotton
  • Lint Free
  • Soft, Mild, and Permeable
  • Soft yet long-lasting design
  • Made without chlorine bleaching and cologne

Package Contains:

  • 100 Sticks X 6 Box
  • 600 Sticks Wood Earbuds In Total
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100% Eco-Friendly Biodegradable | 6×100 Ear Buds Cotton

  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Unlike other brand’s cotton buds, these bamboo cotton swabs are totally eco-friendly with plastic-free wrapping and are 100% biodegradable.
  •  DESIGN & QUALITY: Your new cotton ear buds are made of pure cotton and bamboo while cautiously packed in six small boxes which are prepared from cardboard; thus, they are odorless, eco-friendly and defensible. The dual cotton tips are soft, compressed and durably fixed to a wooden stick that is resilient enough to hold and wipe
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: These biodegradable cotton wool buds can be extensively used at home such as drying and cleaning ears after bath, after using cosmetics, unrelenting wound,s and so on. They are absolutely a must in our daily life
  • COST-EFFECTIVE VALUE PACK: The suite includes six small boxes with 100 ear cotton swabs in each and a total of 600 sticks. They are not only easy for entrée and convenient for storing due to the packaging but also certainly can be used for an entire family for months and consequently save your money due to the capacity
  • ORGANIC COTTON: Our Bamboo Cotton buds are twirled with the uppermost quality premium cotton. We’re proud to employ unbleached cotton on our swabs hence providing the densest, penetrable, and lengthiest lasting cotton wool buds accessible


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